Creative Murals by Mary Coronis

Mary Coronis is a talented artist and muralist whose creative work has added life and transformed many spaces around the world. She can turn a dull room room into a dreamy paradise and put smiles on any face. She paints room murals, commercial windows, canvases, backdrops, building exteriors, and exhibits. She also creates 3D sculptural murals and large scenic cloth murals.

Mary holds a B.F.A from the University of Houston and an M.A. from Stephen F. Austin. She is the one who created the murals for the adiaHouses in Italy. Though based in Huntsville/Houston Texas, Mary now offers shipping services to deliver canvas murals to clients around the world. For projects requiring an artist in person, she is also happy to travel.

For more information, contact Mary by email ( or by phone at 254-715-9218.